Expertise Matters.

We Humbly Submit, We Have It.

We could say a lot about how we are a quality organization, how we are consummate professionals, and how we deliver great products and services for our clients – you name it. Well, the truth is: we do – but everyone says that.

Instead, we’d simply like to tell you about the people that make up our small organization, and a bit about our clients.  Collectively, they speak to our passion for what we do, and the quality we bring to the jobs we undertake.

We are a team of web developers, graphic designers, user experience experts, business analysts, IT consultants, systems engineers and project managers.  We love what we do and are unapologetic about how wonky we are about our craft.

A shortlist of clients we have been honored to serve include: US Army, NATO, US Bancorp, Loyola University, AARP, NASA, and many other government agencies and private organizations. We have also partnered with many grassroots, bootstrapping startups, as well as many thriving, growing mid-sized businesses – all of which who have been in need of quality solutions at fair, but uncompromising price.

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Ensuring that your intellectual property is properly protected and retained: We custom tailor your site permissions to allow specialized control for specific groups and individuals.

We develop tight relationships with our clients, and they ask us to come back for new engagements, extended phases and refer us to others where the fit is right. This is our hallmark and we’re thankful for these relationships.

We work to stay on the leading edge of technology – always striking the bleeding edge that many consumers crave and businesses can enter into with fear and trepidation. We work to blend new technology with best practices to help organizations move from legacy systems and processes without fear, and with fantastic results.

We don’t like to brag but we have received some amazing industry awards and we give all our credit to our past and present clients – who hire us to work with them, not against us. This helps us develop a synergy of people, process and technology, to bring solutions that last.

Our consultants have been working for decades with the technologies and systems that we employ for clients. We don’t apologize for how wonky we are and how much we like project management terminology, design patterns, IT-speak, and much more. It’s our craft and we’re thankful to be creating a movement amongst our past and present clients.

What an innovative approach these guys have!  My team and I loved interacting with their consultants in brainstorming, whiteboard sessions, all the way to delivery.  Thanks guys!
Brian P. Coger Director of IT, Fairfield University

Our Values

When it matters, it matters.


We take a truly collaborative approach – to both how we interact with our clients and their teams during the project – and to how we build our technology solutions help their employees and stakeholders to collaborate better.


Integrity is key in any business.  When you’re working with mission-critical systems and processes within large organizations, it is imperative.  We work to perform all our work with integrity and to understand all of the inner-workings and nuances of our clients’ organizations so that we can always follow the rules and get the best results.


Support is key – whether it’s supporting key stakeholders throughout the duration of a project delivery, supporting a system from a technical standpoint after it’s gone live, or supporting our consultants to empower them with the tools and training to continue to do what they do well.  Any way you slice it, this is a key value and mantra for us, day-in, day-out.

Our Management Team

We Lead Up, Across, Down and Sideways.  Getting the job done well requires a democratized approach.

Tom Terenyi

Owner & Principal Consultant

Jim Black

Senior Consultant

Ervin Murfree

Senior Consultant

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