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Technology Know-How for Today’s Challenges

Intranets and Portals

Creating a robust, effective, and user-friendly portal doesn’t just happen organically – it takes planning and hard work.  We’ve helped hundreds of companies with theirs – so let us help you!

Project Management

Whether it’s a traditional or agile approach your teams take, we adapt to fit into the mold of your organization to help you bridge the gap to success for your projects.

Strategy & Consulting

Helping you look beyond the Gartner study and identify the people in the process that makes the technology succeed is what we do best. Learn from our expertise and bring successful projects to bear not only in the short-term – but long down the road.


The consumerization of IT has upended how corporations think about technology. We know how to best adapt to the lightning-fast changes and to help meld your workforce with the best of enterprise solutions that meet the needs and desires of your end users. Because if your users don’t use it, no collaboration system or strategy really matters, now does it?

Knowledge Management

We used to manage reams of paper and nowadays we manage an exhausting amount of systems, logins, processes – well, you know the drill. We bring clarity to the confusion and help to deliver knowledge management systems and processes in a sane way that will make your employees love you – and in turn, work harder and more productively.

Process Improvement

So many companies we’ve found – small and Fortune 500 alike – have broken processes. Companies to their own peril focus so much on the technology, and yet not enough on the process – and most importantly – the people involved.  We help bridge that gap by combining technology, neuroscience, UX and more, to bring about new technology that users love to interact with.

Technology is only Part of the Equation

We break down the typical consulting math problem much better and deeper by considering
 the human psychology, neuroscience and organizational processes
that are key to making technology work for rather than against you.

Intranet/Portal Architecture & Design

You can have a good looking portal that doesn’t necessarily serve its intended purpose or audience. You can also have a very easy to use system, that doesn’t necessarily look good, or provide easy technical support from your IT staff or managed services team. Thirdly, you can have a great technical backbone but nothing to show for it on the front end.

We approach the trifecta of a well-crafted portal solution: UX/UI, Design, & Technical Development/Support. All three, when done well, offer winning solutions, long-term, to the organizations that do the hard work upfront to make that happen.

Agile & Traditional Project Management

Our Consultants and Project Managers take a pragmatic approach to getting projects delivered on-time, on-budget, and within scope. We recognize that many organizations take legacy approaches to project management and we value that and adapt to their organizational and business processes. Other companies have worked to adapt to a model of some type of either dogmatic or rather hybrid type of agile methodology.

Both are great, and can serve their intended purposes when managed correctly. We’ll work with you towards success. The rest is simply process and semantics.

IT/Software/Process Consulting

Consulting means a lot of different things to many different people. Our goals and overall approach isn’t to only bring our best practices to bear on your organization – but also to learn from you and your stakeholders, and what they need to do to better perform their duties, without onerous process and procedure getting in the way. Whether your audience include students and faculty within higher education, contractors for a global firm that are geographically dispersed, or an organization where the majority of employees are centrally location, we have expertise in crafting actionable, useful, and truly helpful solutions that allow our clients to go home each day a little happier (and smarter) than before.

Custom Development

We speak your language. .NET, PHP, Ruby on Rails, to mention a few – when off the shelf won’t fly off the shelf, we craft quality, clean code, best practice solutions to deliver exactly the systems to our clients to get the job done efficiently – and done right.

Process Improvement

When you can’t step back and see the challenges within your organizational processes, it has a ripple effect within your team, and the entire company. We help bring objectivity and experience to your team’s challenges and develop an actionable plan to get to the root of it.

Impeccable UI/UX

We don’t design great user experiences to win awards. Instead we do it to help our clients have better experiences in their day-in, day-out operations, so that they can be more productive, C-level is happy with the quarterly numbers, and employees are happier and less-stressed.

Business Analysis

We have many type-A personalities to help drill into the processes and requirements of a new software solution, system, framework, or whatever – whether that’s a BYOD mobility strategy, Lotus Notes to MS SharePoint migration, or a custom development project. We are detail oriented so that we learn (and know) your business like you do.

Best Practice Architecture

We specialize in a number of prominent frameworks, software and overall technology stacks to help your organization build it for you, or come alongside your existing IT staff, to craft quality, supportable, maintainable systems and processes for years to come.

Workflow & Automation

In our experience we’ve found a lot of off-the-shelf software solutions do only a partially-decent job and tackling organizational workflow and automation. For us, in conjunction with our other aforementioned services, we help unpack what needs to be built into your systems and processes, and determine where we can leverage out-of-the-box functionality, and where we need to deliver a custom option.

Top Solutions Providers We Support


Box is a newer player in the space of storage, security and organizational collaboration. Headed by a young, entrepreneurial technologist, Box is poised to continue on its growth projections well into the future.  We find many startups, mid-sized organizations and even higher ed institutions that are embracing Box as the go-to platform. Gartner recently rated them highly in enterprise file synchronization and sharing.



Huddle offers secure workspaces for sharing and working in the cloud. They provide a solid platform that combines document management, project tasking and management, as well as strong, easy collaboration, which helps them excel as they’ve grown by leaps and bounds the past three years. Some have even recently claimed them to be amongst the leading cloud-based content collaboration platform for enterprises.

sharepointsquareMicrosoft Sharepoint

SharePoint has been leading the charge for many years, having been introduced in 2001 as simply team collaboration sites, to 2015 where it still stands as one of the leaders in organizational collaboration, document storage, integration with the Office suite, business intelligence, and much more. Many large organizations lean on it heavily, and we partner with many firms to help them extract maximum value from this robust platform.

gearssquareCustom Development

Custom software is many times needed to work in tandem with – or instead of – existing software that organizations run, and therefore is one of our targeted specialties. We recognize that even for the majority of organizations that run an off-the-shelf product, many times these products and platforms fall short, and thus require customization to help them better align to organizational requirements.

How to Start the Process.

Gather Your Requirements

Gather together as much of your requirements as you have for what the problem is you and your team is looking to solve and where you need help.

From there, you’ll be well-equipped to start having conversations with vendors like ourselves. (We just hope you come to us first!)

Garner Stakeholder Information

Your stakeholders are key – so we recommend obtaining their input, upfront, insofar as it’s possible. Try to think of every constituent, every audience group you need to serve with this new solution. We’ll even assist in the process and help flesh out these different people when you partner with us.  We’re great at forming advisory and governance bodies – not just for corporate politics – but for actionable, democratically-informed decisions, that help your organization not just get by, but to excel.

Meet With A Consultant

This step can come first, last or in the middle – but no matter where you are in the process, we can assist with the steps, and help you make an educated decision as to whether or not a partnership with our team is the right fit for your team, and your organization.

We’re Sure You Have Questions.

Give us a call or drop us a note via our Contact Form to schedule your free, no-hassle consultation with one of our consultants.  We promise, it won’t hurt. It might even feel good to get some of that frustration off your chest and talk with someone who can identify with your organizational challenges, and offer to bring pragmatic solutions to the table.

So please don’t hesitate – we’re ready to speak with you and see where our services align with your team’s mission!

On-Premise Solutions

If your organization has already invested in existing servers and systems, or if you have other business considerations mandating the use of an on-premise solution deployed behind your company firewall, the traditional DNC on-premise deployment approach is right for you. We cater to many different vertical industries which have a myriad of cost, security, compliance factors – amongst other crucial considerations – and we have the tools, techniques and practices to assist in adapting to your environment.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud-based document and enterprise content management provides SaaS flexibility associated with licensing and scalability (such as the ability to easily expand storage, or to add or decrease user licenses as necessary) — without significant capital investment and incremental resources to support it. In addition, cloud-based solutions offer inherent remote access to company documents, and flexible monthly billing. Powered by the Windows Azure cloud platform, or other leading platforms we leverage, it delivers additional redundancy and automated third-party backup that offers greater protection against data loss or theft.

Hybrid Solutions

With DNC’s hybrid options, organizations can leverage their existing on-premise technology investments and take advantage of an award-winning document and enterprise content management solution running in the public cloud or a private cloud, as needed. Further, our cloud vault can be seamlessly integrated with existing on-premise systems like an ERP or CRM, such as SAP or Microsoft Dynamics GP and AX. Conversely, an on-premise deployment of one of our solutions can be integrated into existing cloud-based business applications, such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics Online or NetSuite.

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