22 Jan

BrightStarr wins Nielsen Norman Best Intranet Design Award 2015

Our friends over at BrightStarr have recently won a distinguished award on their intranet design for ConocoPhillips.  They have done a phenomenal job and we’ve learned a lot as an organization over the years from leaders in the industry like BrightStarr in terms of consulting and solid intranet design, and from Nielsen in terms of being one of the leaders in the industry of user interface design, human computer interaction, usability and experience for all types of technology media – nowadays which is more crucial than ever, given the ubiquity and sheer number and types of devices that pervade our workplaces, due in large part to the consumerization of IT.

So we offer our sincere “kudos” to them!

A key quote from the story:

“The user-experience research firm Nielsen Norman Group has just announced the winners of their Best Intranet Design Annual Award for 2015. This prestigious award distinguishes the most innovative Intranet designs that deliver greater business productivity. Among this year’s winners is ConocoPhillips for their new SharePoint 2013 Intranet ‘The Mark’, designed and built by BrightStarr.”

You can read the entire story on their corporate website.

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