31 May
16 Jan

Microsoft Integrates SharePoint Team Sites with Office 365 Groups

This is a great addition – and welcome news – for those who have been on both sides of these products, using Team Sites and/or Groups in different contexts, potentially across different organizations, or within the same one.

At Digital Natives Consulting, we are eager to assist several clients leverage these changes and to help them to simplify and streamline integration or transitioning between these tools on SharePoint and Office 365.

For more on the whole story, check out CMS Wire’s write-up here.

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12 Jan
08 Jan

SharePoint Online – Behind the Scenes

Many of you have asked us over the years about what the “cloud” looks like for SharePoint, this is just one stunning example of the planning, security, architecture and pure scale that goes into what Microsoft runs for its SharePoint Online / Office 365 customers.

And this is just for its “public cloud” offering – not even to mention what their entire Azure implementation looks like.

It talks a bit about the history and evolution of SharePoint, and the exciting investments Microsoft has continued to make, especially with the vision and clarity of delivering the very best “cloud-first” technology.

Definitely give this presentation a look and find out why more customers are turning to SharePoint Online every day!


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05 May

Sharepoint 2013 Power User Training – REGISTER TODAY!

We have several upcoming Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Power/Business User Training sessions being held during the months of July and August.  So be sure to register soon before they fill up!


Topics Covered Include:

  • Building Intranets
  • Collaboration
  • Lists & Libraries (the “building blocks” of SharePoint)
  • Lightweight Databases
  • Smart Document Management
  • Tagging, Metadata and Categorization
  • Search – How to Make it Effective
  • Custom Applications Out-of-the-Box
  • Designing SharePoint
  • Intelligent Document Management
  • Governance & Adoption
  • Social SharePoint
  • SharePoint for Productive Project Management
  • Creating Solutions for Business Users (actual case studies / use cases – like from HR, Payroll, C-level, Production, Marketing teams, etc.)
    And Much More…

These Training Classes are perfect for:

  • Employees/Managers charged with Owning, Administering, and/or “Evangelizing” SharePoint within their organization
  • Employees/Staff to get to know SharePoint a little better as an End User
  • IT Professionals hoping to start down the path to a career in SharePoint, but don’t know where to get started (this is a great introduction before going heavy into advanced Development and Administration trainings)
  • Non-IT Professionals looking to investigate and learn the basic- and mid-level topics within Microsoft SharePoint, as to see how this could benefit them both in their current job, or future position/career
  • Organizational Project Managers who need to better learn and own SharePoint tools and skills within their organization


This is a no-code solutions course. No pre-requisites required for this class, although having a high-level understanding of SharePoint, and a high comfort-level with Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel, etc.) will be helpful.

Just FYI – for those who were wondering: Advanced courses/trainings will be upcoming into the Fall – so keep an eye/ear out for those. These will be perfect for those who already consider themselves power users in SharePoint, or those who have completed this course this summer, and are then looking to advance themselves in their deeper knowledge of SharePoint design, development and/or administration.

Course registration will be discounted for the entire month of May – so be sure to sign up today! (read more below)

During June, normal registration price will be charged.

I will be personally conducting these training sessions, along with one of my other consultants for specific topics. My background includes both consulting and training at a strong list of Fortune 500 companies and governmental organizations, some of which include:

  • NASA
  • US Bancorp
  • North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
  • UMBC
  • Loyola University Maryland
  • AARP
  • United States Army
  • Maryland Department of Natural Resources
  • Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC)
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Cost for this course is a tremendous value, considering you will get 5 full days of training! Many qualified training centers (some of which I have recommended to clients/colleagues in the past) in the Baltimore/Washington DC region, charge anywhere from $3-5k for this type of training – and relevant course material in some of the other training centers (not all, but some I’ve seen) will be covered in more of a crammed session of like anywhere from 1 to 3 days, depending on the style and procedures of the training center. And again, many of them do good work – I’ve even contracted with some of them in the past! But my style allows you to get more value, do it in the convenience of your home or office, and to have access to me beyond the training days.  I also make solid use of my 15 years of experience as a consultant within companies of all shapes, sizes and problems.  And given the remote training, you can do this from anywhere – so there’s no need to either be located in, or to travel to the Baltimore/Washington metropolitan area.

In case of you’re doing research into other training centers and making comparisons – which I encourage people to do – just note that some other training centers may call this SharePoint Site Owner and/or Site User training – or some other variation. Our training in this class is a combination of both, as well as throwing in many topics over my many years of experience with all types of clients.

My goal is to register only about 15-20 per class, and I’ll likely cap it there. Be sure to register soon, because these fill up fast! Ideally I will offer 2 different style classes – 1) traditional business hours for those who can build it into a normal workday, and 2) evening hours, for those who need to do it after hours from their job. (evening classes will be condensed slightly, with smaller breaks)

If you have any questions about the trainings, more details about what we offer, our style and delivery, background and qualification in teaching, or anything else, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at: training@digitalnativesconsulting.com


Training Course Dates:

  • July 11 – 15 (9am – 4pm)
  • July 25 – 29 (5pm – 10pm)
  • August 8 – 12 (9am – 4pm)
  • August 22 – 26 (5pm – 10pm)

Early Bird Registration (during May): $2500

Normal Registration (during June): $3000

We also offer veteran, returning clients, and other discounts, so please contact us about those!

How to Register:

We would take sign-ups online, but I like to ensure everyone is well-served by my classes and ensure all questions are answered before registering a student and having them supply payment. So please email us to inquire and sign up at: training@digitalnativesconsulting.com

Thanks and we look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming training sessions!

– Tom

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04 May

Mobile & Intelligent Intranet using SharePoint Sites and PowerApps

With all the changes that SharePoint 2016 is bringing to the table, be sure to check out this latest demo from Adam Harmetz, Group Program Manager of SharePoint Experiences at Microsoft, as part of the Microsoft Mechanics weekly series.

It’s a demo-rich look at the Mobile & Intelligent Intranet using SharePoint sites and PowerApps.

Check it out here, and be sure to let me know your comments and questions about what’s to come in SharePoint 2016!

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19 Feb

SharePoint 2016 To Get First Showing in May at Microsoft Ignite

Some of the first news we’re hearing about Microsoft SharePoint 2016, per the team over at Redmond Channel Partner:

An “early version” of Microsoft’s SharePoint Server 2016 product will be unveiled at the company’s Ignite conference in May, according to Bill Baer, senior product manager for SharePoint at Microsoft.

SharePoint 2016 is currently at an early development stage, Baer said during a podcast this week that was hosted and produced by Todd Klindt, a SharePoint MVP and SharePoint principal architect at Rackspace. Traditionally, Microsoft has released betas of new products before its tradeshow events. For Ignite, however, Baer said Microsoft will use an “early version” of SharePoint 2016 in many of its presentations, with further details about the product being revealed after the event.

Read the Entire Press Release

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26 Jan

Webtrends Remains Clear Market Leader in SharePoint Analytics

Webtrends latest updates…

Webtrends, a Microsoft-preferred partner for SharePoint analytics, today announced several updates to its product, Webtrends SharePoint Analytics, as well as a significant increase in SharePoint Analytics business as 17 new enterprise-level companies began using the solution last quarter. Webtrends also achieved a Microsoft gold collaboration and content competency, demonstrating its ability to meet Microsoft Corp. customers’ evolving needs in today’s dynamic business environment, for its 10th consecutive year.

Read More

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22 Jan

BrightStarr wins Nielsen Norman Best Intranet Design Award 2015

Our friends over at BrightStarr have recently won a distinguished award on their intranet design for ConocoPhillips.  They have done a phenomenal job and we’ve learned a lot as an organization over the years from leaders in the industry like BrightStarr in terms of consulting and solid intranet design, and from Nielsen in terms of being one of the leaders in the industry of user interface design, human computer interaction, usability and experience for all types of technology media – nowadays which is more crucial than ever, given the ubiquity and sheer number and types of devices that pervade our workplaces, due in large part to the consumerization of IT.

So we offer our sincere “kudos” to them!

A key quote from the story:

“The user-experience research firm Nielsen Norman Group has just announced the winners of their Best Intranet Design Annual Award for 2015. This prestigious award distinguishes the most innovative Intranet designs that deliver greater business productivity. Among this year’s winners is ConocoPhillips for their new SharePoint 2013 Intranet ‘The Mark’, designed and built by BrightStarr.”

You can read the entire story on their corporate website.

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