31 May
16 Jan

Microsoft Integrates SharePoint Team Sites with Office 365 Groups

This is a great addition – and welcome news – for those who have been on both sides of these products, using Team Sites and/or Groups in different contexts, potentially across different organizations, or within the same one.

At Digital Natives Consulting, we are eager to assist several clients leverage these changes and to help them to simplify and streamline integration or transitioning between these tools on SharePoint and Office 365.

For more on the whole story, check out CMS Wire’s write-up here.

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08 Jan

SharePoint Online – Behind the Scenes

Many of you have asked us over the years about what the “cloud” looks like for SharePoint, this is just one stunning example of the planning, security, architecture and pure scale that goes into what Microsoft runs for its SharePoint Online / Office 365 customers.

And this is just for its “public cloud” offering – not even to mention what their entire Azure implementation looks like.

It talks a bit about the history and evolution of SharePoint, and the exciting investments Microsoft has continued to make, especially with the vision and clarity of delivering the very best “cloud-first” technology.

Definitely give this presentation a look and find out why more customers are turning to SharePoint Online every day!


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